What happens in a Consultation?

Come in to experience a 1:1 personalized health overhaul.

get-together-design-your-future-clinic-blog-post-headerStart with a 75-90 minute consultation. This comprehensive health assessment gives you incredible insight into your current state of health. I love to hear all about your past health concerns and love if you have taken the time to timeline your health issues and major life events prior to attending the consult. A few days food diary is very useful for insight into your dietary intake and choices (optional) too.

Prior to the consult, I may be able to get some questionnaires to you to fill in that may open my eyes a bit to your health, behaviors, attitudes, goals and potentials. If you are attending the clinic you’ll be warmly greeted in our friendly reception. You’ll move through to the private consulting room to get comfy in your chair and we will chat. And chat. And chat. If you are Skyping me or on the phone I’ll trust you to get comfortable wherever you are, ready to chat. I’m pretty inquisitive. Rather chatty and I’m super keen to explore your health potentials.

Sometimes I can use some pretty funky wellness assessment techniques like Bio-Impedance (or you may have heard of Body Composition Testing) which can tell me about muscle mass, fat mass, cell health and even your aging rate, I look into your eyes for some Iridology and I can do Zinc Tally testing, Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar Test (finger prick) and urine testing within the clinic if it’s required. All inclinic test are included in the cost of the consultation. If further testing is warranted I can send you for brilliant Functional Pathology tests such as blood test, urine tests, digestive assessments, food sensitivity tests and much more (additional costs incured).

I am aware of my skills, specialties, and limits so if for any reason feel I’m no the right girl for I job I happily and confidently have an amazing network of health professionals to lead you to for your best results. I am a very results orientated practitioner, as I relish in the goodness brought about by a super healthy and happy person living out the life they LOVE to live, in the body, they LOVE to live in. Although I also get great joy out of just being there, week-to-week or month-to-month or whatever your session frequency is, just being there to support, guide, motivate, inspire and inform you is a passion of mine and I know you are going to love it too.

Like these happy clients….

Thank-you for your guidance with my journey of changing my ‘lifestyle’…as you know I could not have done it without you. It has been amazing!! I have learnt so much, have fantastic results, oh it has been goal after goals but it has been so worth it! Finally… I feel so good, look good…Look out!

Thanks also for your friendship, listening ear and advice, you are the best!

H.M. Mornington



Today you invoked an overwhelming sense of emotions in me that I simply can’t find the right words to thank you. There was a reason I came to see you today but the universe clearly had another purpose, an honest purpose. Of all of the people in my life, you are the first in over 15 years to realize and unlock the true missing ingredient in my life – My Soul, my abundance of cosmic energy that I once used to have and love to no end.

It frightens and excites me to know that I need guiltless time and space for me to rediscover who I am, but I know in my heart it’s what I must do. Today you gave me a gift for which I will never forget.

Rebecca, Mornington



Holly has done wonders for my family. Not only has she reduced my husband’s blood sugar by 5 points and kept him off insulin for 10 years, she has helped everyone with their health, and wellbeing.

S.B. Cranbourne



I am so happy with the results and the monitoring under Holly’s guidance, has been great. I am just so happy. I feel energetic, I am never hungry, I love the food and I feel healthy. I am bouncing!

L.M  Mt Eliza



Thanks to Holly I am now on the right track. Holly looks at your whole body and your lifestyle and fits a plan to suit.

N.B Cranbourne


So Come and visit. Your cuppa is waiting and so is the life you would LOVE to live.

Call Me on 0409 221 342 to book your appointment.

Love Holly x