As a savvy wellness seeker I help women reassess where they are at in life and regain control with more confidence, clarity, and connection (to themselves & others) and less limiting health issues (like hormone imbalances, body image concerns, destructive stress and anxiety ) because what I’m really passionate about is helping women create a life they absolutely love to live.

Working as Naturopath and Nutritionist for more than 20 years, in both medical and alternative healthcare has solidly grounded me as a bit of a wellness buff and clarified and strengthened my intent and devotion to exposing, inspiring and supporting women to kick their bad habits & limiting beliefs and vigorously pursue the skills, practices, and support required for change. The kind of change that renews energy, harnesses strengths,  ignites passions and sustains happiness.

Goddess to goddess, I speak your language, have lived many of life concerns that you may have experiences too and I get it!.. I get that as women we have a BIG job to do, be it in the home, the workplace or the heart-space of those we love. Attempting to manage all of these thing (and so many more) with a sensitivity, rationality, and clarity so that it doesn’t leave you an exhausted, anxious mess is tricky. Having found my way to authenticity and integrity, in a kind and gentle manner, whilst keeping up with the rat-race (and not being trapped by the rat race) has allowed me to cultivate a soft spot for you to fall and be warmly supported, whether to crumble or climb, the timing will be divinely guided for you to heal body, mind, and soul.