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You’ve heard meditation is good for you, right? You may have read of the benefits. You may have even given it a go. With some luck you wound down enough to feel some calm. Others are left emotionally climbing the walls unable to follow instructions to relax, with deafening silence filling the room. That won’t happen with my Women’s Modern Meditation & Mindfulness method.

Women’s Modern Meditation & Mindfulness has been crafted for today’s really busy women; women that have real-life issues, real-relationships, and very little time to work on them. So, traditional meditation skills and insights have been delicately and playfully reworked to fit the life and times we Real Women live in. Come and play, practice and perfect the contemporary mindful, gentle, kindness approach of stress management.

Real Women are known for their multi-tasking, co-ordination of work, life, families and friends, their hectic schedules and diverse talents. Real Women are loved, valued and respected but unfortunately often not by their selves. Real women commonly feel like they simply are not good enough. Not a good enough mum, wife, partner. Not a good enough worker, boss, colleague. Not a good enough housekeeper, bookkeeper, cook, companion, friend…the list goes on. And the list sucks!


I’m here to tell you, that you have a BIG job to do and you are doing an amazing job! I wish you could see yourself through the eyes of your loved ones and friends who marvel at your workload and your capacity to cope, even if it doesn’t seem that way. You are enough, and more! You may just need to find more joy and lose some stress of your daily life.

If it seems to you that your life is crazily busy and you are losing your mind you might just be right. You may in fact be so busy, stressed and worried that you are losing important brain functions, while more sinister functions destructively amp up. Clinical research has now shown that areas of your brain change size and function under stress impairing your ability to cope with the challenges of modern living and reducing your capacity for happiness.

Thankfully research also shows that you can halt and even reverse these changes with some thoughtful intervention, as simple as meditation and mindfulness. But hold-up! Before your shoulders slump under any recollection that you weren’t able to meditate in the past or an assumption that there is no way you could possibly do it (after all your mind is way too busy), let me offer you some sweet relief. There is an easy way to do it. With simple instructions, no religious or spiritual jargon, just straight-up skills that you can learn and put into your life on a regular basis to slow the pace a little and enjoy the ride a whole lot more.


Women’s Modern Meditation & Mindfulness has been designed for you, if:

·         You are aware that stress is a major issue in your life

·         You are overthinking everything, worrying way too much and having difficulty coping with anxiety

·         You can’t remember where your keys are (daily) and you’ve completely forgotten where you are going (to the shops or in life; Missing memory or purpose, they are both stressful)

·         You have lost your smile, laugh, libido and ability to relax

·         You want to know how to meditate (even if you think you can’t do it, let me teach you how it’s done my style)


Learn, practice and play with:

·         Breathing techniques

·         Sound, Focus and Guided meditation

·         Mindfulness activities or as I refer to them, Meditation Foreplay. Cheeky I know, but there are so many extremely enjoyable and effective ways to get you in the moment and ready for meditation.


So if you are ready to get chilled, nurtured,

supported & a little bit playful, do not miss out!

Book a seat at a Women’s Modern Meditation and Mindfulness Workshop in your area.



Holly’s Modern Meditation Workshop was a timely wake up call, a chance to think about what stress is actually doing to our brain and body. Sharing the ‘giving yourself permission’ to meditate was a beautiful gift, that I have been gratefully using ever since.      – D.F. Mt Martha

So awesome to be part of Holly’s modern meditation for women on a gorgeous Sunday morning.
A relaxed, inspiring way to learn some new life changing skills, meet some lovely girls and I always look forward to Holly’s delicious homemade treats. Love the super golden tea too.
Well worth an earlier rise on a Sunday🌺    – N.E. Mt Eliza

No experience is necessary. If you do have some experience you might be able to share it & inspire others.



in your area (or request one).

Contact Holly on 0409 221 342 or

visit or

find us on for more information.


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